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EVCO 100 Ton Power Swivel

Units can be skid mounted, on a gooseneck trailer, or on a bumper pull trailer.

Swivel head: 100 Ton Static load capacity rated 98 tons @ 100rpm. 10K washpipe packing. Includes an, 2.875" I.F. connection and 2" 1502 mud line connection, 2 3/8" PH6 wireline access hole.

Swivel head comes with tilt cylinder for making connections and float position for raising This unit comes with standard elevator bale, Standard length torque arm, standard saver sub 2.875" I.F. box X 2.875" I.F. pin.

Prime mover: It will be powered by a Cummins QSB 4.5 TIER IV 100+hp. diesel engine.

Hydraulic system: Hydrostatic 5500 psi system, 6500ft-lbs torque, with two 1", 100 foot long high pressure hoses and a .75", 100 foot long drain hose.

Controls: Wireless radio control including engine controls, swivel controls swivel head tilt control, and emergency shutdown. Radio comes with 50 foot tether cord in case of battery failure. Positive-air shutdown on radio.

Other features: Single powered hose reel, 8,000lb Hydraulic winch, toolbox and pegs welded to the floor,block heater, and a spark arrestor muffler.